for Summer we will post openings as they arise so don't be afraid to call 

Summer 2022


Opening weekend of 

Walleye and Northerns​

May 14-21

Cabin 3

Cabin 2 is open for Opening weekend Fri-Mon

May 21-28

Cabins 5

Cabins 4&6(until the 27th), 

May 28-May 31

(Memorial Day Weekend Sat-Tues)

Cabin 1

May 31-June 4

(Tues - Sat)

Cabin 6,MH

June 18-25

Cabin 5

June 25-July2

Cabins 1,2,5

July 2-9

Mobile Home

July 9-16

Cabin 2, Mobile Home

July 16-23

Cabins  5,6,7,Mobile Home

July 23-30

Cabins 1,2,3,4,5

July 30-Aug 6

Cabins 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Mobile Home

Aug 6-7

Closed for our daughters wedding


After Aug 8

Call please 

for availability​​

we have availability but can and will adjust our routine schedule to try to fit yours.


Scott & Sara

we are trying to update these as openings but sometimes we fall behind so do don't be afraid to call as our list is constantly changing 

Call or e-mail for availability we usually schedule Saturday to Saturday however don't be afraid to ask if you need particular dates we will try to work with you if we can.